Artistic statement

A brush that captures the soul

To capture the inner beauty of a subject, to feel the light caressing a soul and reproduce it in a way that touches you is the very essence of an excellent portraitist. Carole Bonneau, a Laurentians painting artist, has this ability to lay on canvas a myriad of colors that renders emotions.

Inspired by the great masters, Carole takes pleasure in playing with light contrast and each of her paintings is rich in energy and colors. From time to time she selects other medium like dry pastel but her favourite medium is acrylic painting. Her work, primarily based on still life and figures, is tainted by a realism that mystifies the eye.

A theme she holds close to her heart, pears so realist and so tempting, in bright colors, appearing from obscure background. When she paints, her mission is to look at things differently which induces spectators to do the same. Her ultimate goal is to represent the sensual aspect of shapes, the velvet-like of skin, the richness of colors to rise craving to touch those smooth skins, those small water drops, to breathe in its mouth watering perfume.

Carole has become sort of a luminist, playing with light to represent the tenderness of a cheek, the nostalgia of a smile, the lightness of being. She also takes great care in selecting the color that will inspire the emotions she feels. Looking at her art will have you engage a silent dialog with the subject that calls you, that reflects your own humanity.Graduating with honour from the Academie des beaux arts de Laval, Carole has devoted herself to her art, she has made the choice to invest all of her time in researching, sharing her knowledge with others and creating her own work.Dive into Carole’s world, even for a brief moment and allow your senses, your soul to be touched.

The artist disappears so that only the essence remains.

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